Simplify your GRC Journey

GRC Orbit is your companion to achieve the compliance and increase your process streamlining

GRC Orbit Support all cybersecurity frameworks and standards in Saudi Arabia

How GRC Orbit can be your Assistance

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Helping You to achieve the compliance

Maintaining compliance to various standards and regulations

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Manage Cybersecurity Risks through its lifecycle

Identify, Assess, Treat and Keep your eyes on all cybersecurity risks from one system

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Optimizing the time required to fulfill the GRC requirements

Assign tasks to stakeholders and monitor their progress

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GRC Orbit Modules

Discover GRC Orbit Modules and see how it works together

GRC Orbit contains multiple module which are working together to provide the value you need !


Manage your internal and external governance documentation

Risk Management

Identify, assess, treat and communicate the cybersecurity risks

Compliance Management

Conduct Audits against External standards, Internal Policies and Procedures

Incident Management

Efficient Cybersecurity Incident registration and monitoring

KPI Management

Develop, assign and monitor Key performance Indicators and Key Risk Indicators

Asset Management

Identify and assign classification to your assets

GRC Orbit can

Strengthen the governance and ensure accountability

Some measureable results that have been taken from our clients

Customer satisfaction
Increase in Clarity and Visibility
Speed in the GRC Journey
Assuring responsibilities
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Questions And Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions that are being asked by potential clients

1. Can I integrate GRC Orbit System with Active Directory?

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Yes, GRC Orbit can be integrated with active directory, it takes the usernames, positions and emails and will be retrieved and shown on the system.

2. Can GRC Orbit be integrated with Multifactor Authentication Tool?

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Yes, GRC Orbit can be integrated with with Multifactor Authentication Tool, however, some configuration might be required

3. Can I customize GRC Orbit Dashboards?

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Yes, GRC Orbit support team can customize your dashboards based on the features and modules existing in the system.

4. Where is the hosting of the  GRC Orbit ? Is it on Cloud or On-Premise?

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GRC Orbit System can be hosted either on Saudi Cloud Service Provider or it can be hosted on Premise.

5. Can I backup and export my data from GRC Orbit system?

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GRC Orbit system supports portability and export of data for backup purposes. Any information that you put into your GRC Orbit system can be retrieved at your convenience.

6. Is there a training delivered on how we can use GRC Orbit?

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Yes, once you purchase the GRC Orbit license, our technical team will deliver multiple online training the team who will use the system

7. How is the pricing model of the GRC Orbit System? 

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The pricing model is based on an annual subscription

8. What security testing is performed on GRC Orbit System?

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GRC Orbit team perform penetration testing on an annual basis to the source code and resolve all vulnerabilities that are discovered.

9. How often are new features added to GRC Orbit System?

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We are continually improving and innovating GRC Orbit System to be the best GRC management system available. Product improvements and updates are implemented regularly. Feel free to contact us to discuss our roadmap in detail.

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