Monitor Cybersecurity Incidents and reduce its recovery time

By utilizing incident management module, incidents will have more attention, and recovery process will be faster

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Incident Management Module Components

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Efficient Cybersecurity Incident Registration

Leverage GRC Orbit to register and monitor cybersecurity incidents. Our system ensures precise logging of each incident, accompanied by continuous monitoring.

Collaborative Incident Remediation by IT and SOC Teams

Facilitate effective collaboration between your IT and Security Operations Center (SOC) teams using GRC Orbit. Our platform provides a seamless interface for both teams to coordinate their efforts in remediating incidents.

Comprehensive Dashboard for Cybersecurity Incident Status Monitoring

Keep track of all cybersecurity incidents with GRC Orbit’s extensive dashboard and having a complete overview of incident statuses.

Search previous Incidents

Make an informed decisions and strategizing efficient responses to ongoing security challenges.

Benefits from Incident Management Module

Key benefits from Incident Management Module

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Reduce Cost
By minimizing time to remediate the incidents
Enhance incident response plan
By knowing the weaknesses and working in their remediations
Classify Incident
By having a clear incident categories
Prevented incidents occurring
By knowing the root cause issues and correcting them
Studies shows that:

timely incident reporting
is a key to rapid Defense

By providing cybersecurity team with the crucial information, the right response will be taken

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Additional Indirect benefits

Incident management module can assist the follwing aspects

Ensuring business continuity

by ensuring resiliency and concentrating on the mission critical assets

Taking proactive approach

by implementing security controls to prevent incident from occuring


من خلال الاطلاع على جميع الحوادث و أخذ العبر والدروس ومن ثم عمل التحسين اللازم

Our assistance

How GRC Orbit can be your Assistance

Helping You to achieve the compliance

Maintaining compliance to various standards and regulations

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Manage Cybersecurity Risks through its lifecycle

Identify, Assess, Treat and Keep your eyes on all cybersecurity risks from one system

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Optimizing the time required to fulfill the GRC requirements

Assign tasks to stakeholders and monitor their progress

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Know more about incident managemet

What is cyber security incident reporting?

Cybersecurity incident reporting is the process of cataloguing all incident details, such as the time of the incident and the affected systems, to inform relevant stakeholders and initiate triage and remediation.

Builds trust amongst stakeholders

Sharing the details of the incident along with the steps being taken to mitigate the damage builds a sense of trust amongst impacted parties and demonstrates the organization’s commitment to accountability.

Better compliance

Compliance frameworks such as NCA, SAMA and Saudi Aramco mandate cyber incident reporting. Organizations with such regulatory requirements must establish a continuous monitoring and reporting mechanism to deal with incidents proactively and minimize compliance deviations.

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