Identify, analyze, treat and Monitor all Your risks from a single system

With GRC Orbit, you can now identify the cybersecurity risks, analyze them and treat them by developing a treatment plan and communicate it to all stakeholders from one single system

Features of Risk Management Module

See How Risk Management Module can fulfill your Requirements

with the below features , risk management becomes more simplified and controlled.

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Comprehensive Risk Dashboard

Experience a rich, intuitive risk dashboard that offers a holistic view of your organization's risk profile. GRC Orbit's dashboard presents a detailed, easy-to-understand overview of all risk aspects, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning

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Efficient Risk Assessments and Monitoring

Utilize GRC Orbit to conduct thorough risk assessments and continuously monitor your organization's risk posture. GRC Orbit system ensures a comprehensive analysis of potential risks, allowing for proactive management and real-time insights into your risk landscape.

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Enforced Accountability for Risk Owners

GRC Orbit emphasizes clear accountability for risk owners. it facilitates the assignment and tracking of responsibilities, ensuring that each risk is actively managed by the appropriate individuals, enforcing the accountability and commitment towards risks.

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Selection of Controls from Renowned Standards

Choose the most effective controls to treat cybersecurity risks using a comprehensive database of national and international standards and frameworks. GRC Orbit aids in aligning your cybersecurity measures with globally recognized best practices, ensuring a robust defense mechanism.

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Task Assignment and Progress Monitoring for Risk Management

Assign risk-related tasks and track their progress effortlessly with GRC Orbit. Our system provides a structured approach to managing risk tasks, from assignment to completion, ensuring efficient and timely risk mitigation.

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What Distinguish our Risk Management Module

Risk Management with GRC Orbit becomes fast, simple and to the point by having :

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Risk Management Framework

We will adapt and post your risk management framework into GRC Orbit to become a reference point to all stakeholders

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Use standard fields with customizable scales for measuring the Likelihood and Impact as well as the Risk Criteria

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Third Party Risk Assessment

Assess the risk that is introduced to your organization from vendors and third parties

Overseeing and monitoring the risks is the most important step

Have a comprehensive Risk Register

One single dashboard to view all your risks with their levels

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Risk Treatment Plan with assigned responsibilities

Assign responsibilities to all stakeholders for each risk treatment

Risk Communication is the missing step !

Identify Risks with assets values

Assign value to your assets based on confidentiality, integrity and availability

All risks are associated with their corresponding assets and their values

Identify Scenario based and Asset based Risks

Identify Risks asset based on scenario and/or asset

Analyze Risks

Their Likelihood and Impact Scales

Identify your Likelihood and Impact scales based on the Semi Quantitative approach

Calculate Risk based on your formula

measure your risk based on your predefined formula

Risk Appetite is a key to know hot to Treat the risks

Determine how to treat risks

By having a predefined risk appetite, you will be able to choose the right risk treatment strategy

Choose the suitable treatment plan

By creating the suitable control or choosing any control from the exisitng external national and international standards

Monitoring all Risks from One Dashboard

Oversee the risks with the
assigned tasks

GRC Orbit enables you to assign a tasks to stakeholders against all risks and enable you monitoring their progress

Shortcut the time to generate
risk status report

By providing executives an access to the risk dashboard

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Frequently Asked Questions about Risk Module ?

Can I customize my Risk Dashboard?

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Yes you can customize your risk dashboard to tailor your organization posture

Can you reflect my risk management Methodology to be in the GRC Orbit System?

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Yes of course, you can share with us your risk management methodology and we can reflect it in the GRC Orbit so you can perform risk management activities based on it

How is the Risk communication process performed?

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Once the risk is identified, an email will be sent to the risk owner as well to all stakeholders who needs to know about this risk

Can I link Assets with the risks ?

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Yes of course, the risks cannot be identified till you link it with the risks

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