manages your internal and external governance documentation

GRC Orbit manages your internal and external governance documentation and provide a secure repository with a proper access to different stakeholders.

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The Governance Module is the cornerstone of any process

explore governance module in the GRC Orbit

+20 Industry Standards
GRC Orbit has integrated more than 20 industry standard
+2000 Security controls
All security controls are organizaed in a systematic way

Centralized system to assist you in managing GRC activities

Advantages of Implementing GRC Orbit in Your Organization

Streamlined Cybersecurity Processes

Enhance your cybersecurity management system with GRC Orbit. Our system is designed to simplify and streamline your cybersecurity processes, ensuring robust protection and efficient management of cybersecurity risks

Centralized Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management

GRC Orbit offers a comprehensive solution for managing governance, risk, and compliance activities within your organization. Our centralized platform brings together all GRC elements, facilitating a more coordinated and effective approach to corporate governance.

Eliminate Redundancy and Improve Efficiency

Replace disjointed excel sheets and endless follow-up emails with the streamlined efficiency of GRC Orbit. Our solution consolidates your GRC data and communications, leading to seamless experience.

Enhanced Collaboration on Governance Documents

GRC Orbit fosters a collaborative environment for the creation, editing, and approval of governance documents. Engage stakeholders seamlessly, ensuring that every document is developed, reviewed and approved, in alignment with your organization's governance standards.

Ensure Accountability

Enhance the achievement with responsibility principle by assigning responsibilities and accountabilities for the stakeholders in your organizations

Updated Industry standard

Ensure getting the latest releases of national and international security standards

Governance Module contains

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Approval Workflow

Built-in approval management workflows allow you to assign approvals to the appropriate team members and keep an approval history for audits.

Document Versioning

Keep a track record of all policies and how they get updated.

Updated Standards and Frameworks

Keep up to date with the latest external standards and frameworks in the Saudi Arabia Region

Benefits from Govenance Module

Centralized Repository

Keep all your policy documents in one single place.

Keep Standards at Scale

Keep policies consistent as the organization grows and changes.

Speed in performing audits

effective governance leads to faster audit process

Frequently Asked Quesions

Can the Compliance management dashboard be customized?

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Yes you can customize it with some limitations

Can I assign tasks in GRC Orbit related to audit?

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Yes of course, once the audit process started, you can assign tasks to stakeholders to provide you with the required evidence.

Can I identify my Audit management procedure to be reflected in GRC Orbit?

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Our technical team need to see the procedure, and they will see the feasibility of whether it is being reflected or not

Can I see the audit results once i login to GRC Orbit system?

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Yes, you can customize your dashboard and see the components including incidents, risks, audit results based on your needs.

can I see the assigned tasks in each audit?

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You can see the assigned tasks based on your role, as we apply the need to know principle in the GRC Orbit system.

Is there a Continuous enhancement on the Compliance Management module?

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Yes, the technical team is working on enhancing the compliance management module and the overall GRC Orbit on daily basis

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