Automate and simplify audit  !

By utilizing the compliance management module in the GRC Orbit System, audit process becomes more easy and simplified

Compliance Management Module Includes

the following features that you can utilize

See your strengthen and weaknesses

by utilizing audit dashboard

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Multi-Framework Audit Monitoring Dashboard

Utilize our full-feature dashboard to monitor audits across various standards and frameworks. GRC Orbit provides a comprehensive view of all ongoing audits, offering real-time insights and overviews to ensure a comprehensive oversight.

In-Depth Audit Reporting

Have in extensive details about observations, current status, and recommendations for each audited control. This thorough reporting mechanism ensures that every aspect of the audit is clearly documented, and actionable recommendations are provided for enhanced compliance.

Efficient Evidence Collection through Assigned Audit Tasks

Streamline your evidence-gathering process by assigning specific audit tasks to individuals within your organization. This structured approach ensures efficient and thorough collection of necessary audit evidence, facilitating a more effective and organized audit process.

Comprehensive Audits Against External and Internal Standards

Leverage GRC Orbit to conduct detailed audits in line with external standards like NCA (ECC, DCC, TCC, CCC, etc. ), SAMA and ISO 270001 as well as your organization's internal policies and procedures. Our system ensures a thorough and compliant audit process, aligning with both international regulations and internal governance.

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Speed up the audit readiness process

You can reuse the evidences from past audit to speed up your readiness

Seamless MAPPING between controls in your internal policies and the external frameworks

Have a clear view on te linkage between the controls existed in the frameworks (NCA, SAMA, ISO, etc.) and the correspondent controls in your internal policies, procedures and standards

Streamline audit preparation

GRC Orbit centralize your Audit journey in a single system

leverage automation to ensure your evidence is up to date to satisfy auditor requests.

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Ensure Auditors requirements are fulfilled

once the auditor is requesting an evidence, you can upload it to GRC Orbit and the auditor can evaluate it immediately

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Centralize your evidences

GRC Orbit can ensure a secure repository to all evidences to internal and external controls that are being audited

Comprehensive Visibility

Keep a pulse on the status and progress of all your current and historical audits

A Complete event logs, versioning, and history allows you to keep track of the historical audits and findings

With GRC Orbit, your Compliance Status is clear

Dashboards are well designed to see and asses your organization posture

Better and clear visibility on the Audit

Take a clear visibility on all intenral and external audit that have been performed

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Oversee the assigned audit tasks on all stakeholders

See the pending, completed audit tasks that have been assigned to multiple stakeholders in your organization

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Frequent Questions about Incident Management Module

Can the Compliance management dashboard be customized?

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Yes you can customize it with some limitations

Can I assign tasks in GRC Orbit related to audit?

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Yes of course, once the audit process started, you can assign tasks to stakeholders to provide you with the required evidence.

Can I identify my Audit management procedure to be reflected in GRC Orbit?

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Our technical team need to see the procedure, and they will see the feasibility of whether it is being reflected or not

Can I see the audit results once i login to GRC Orbit system?

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Yes, you can customize your dashboard and see the components including incidents, risks, audit results based on your needs.

can I see the assigned tasks in each audit?

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You can see the assigned tasks based on your role, as we apply the need to know principle in the GRC Orbit system.

Is there a Continuous enhancement on the Compliance Management module?

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Yes, the technical team is working on enhancing the compliance management module and the overall GRC Orbit on daily basis

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